About the Author

Sabah has authored two novels, Humeirah and Semi-Apes, both set in Mauritius where she was born. Her short stories have been shortlisted and published in various international competitions organised by Commonwealth Writers (Plaine Verte), Goethe Institute South Africa (Tara’s Hair), Odd Voice Out Press (Size of Rice), Bristol Short Story Prize (The Evil in Me), and Afritondo Short Story Prize (Dadima’s Key Ring). One of her nonfiction pieces (Dismantling Life) was also a semi-finalist in the Gabriele Rico Challenge for Creative Nonfiction, published in Reed Magazine in 2020. Her poetry can be found in Pepper Coast Lit, Jalada Africa, SetuMag, SpillWords, and The Bangalore Review, among others.

Sabah has been on the panel of judges for four consecutive years for the African Writers Award in the nonfiction category. She also delivered the keynote speech on Cultural Stereotypes in African Literature at the African Writers Festival held in Nairobi in 2019. She has a PhD in Genocide Studies and Prevention with a focus on the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge era, and her scholarly writing focuses on the problem of evil, feminism, and the human condition.

Recently Sabah was awarded the W. Morgan and Lou Claire Rose Fellowship for a MFA in Creative Writing in the United States where she now lives. She is currently penning a new novel titled Thus Spake Hasna based on the eponymous short story published in Maudrigosa – A Poetic Manifesto, mentioned below.

Selected Work

Short Stories

‘The Evil in Me’ in Bristol Short Story Prize 2019, Volume 12,
(Tangent Books, UK) 2019

‘Size of Rice’ in Odd Voices: Not So Normal Narrators (Odd Voice Out Press, UK) 2020

‘Plaine Verte’ in So Many Islands: Stories from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean & Pacific (Saqi Books, UK) 2018

‘Tara’s Hair’ in
Water Birds on the Lakeshore (Ouida Books, Lagos) 2019

'Les Cheveux de Tara' in Les Oiseaux D'Eau Sur La Rive Du Lac (Éditions Amalion, Sénégal) 2019

'Nywele za Tara' in Ndege-Maji Ubukweni (Vision Publishing, Dar Es Salaam) 2019

'Thus Spake Hasna' in Maudrigosa - A Poetic Manifesto (Precigraph, Mauritius) 2021

'Dadima's Key Ring' in Rain Dance (Afritondo Press) 2022


'Café Lux' in Pepper Coast Lit

'Black Dog' in Jalada in Issue 9 of Nostalgia

'The Classroom' in SpillWords

'The Streets of Paris' in Bangalore Review

'Have You Engaged with the Sea' in Setu

'The Rope' in Dissident Voice

Creative Nonfiction

'Dismantling Life' in Reed Magazine, No. 153, 2020

'Being Marxist, Being Santiago' in The Bangalore Review, July 2015

Scholarly Work

(2022) Sabah Carrim "Book Review: The Postcolonial
African Genocide Novel:Quests for Meaningfulness" Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal: Vol. 16: Iss. 1: 134–136

(2021) Sabah Carrim “Harsha Walia, Border and Rule" Journal of Refugee Studies: Vol 34, Iss. 4: 4585-4587

(2021) Sabah Carrim "Book Review: Perpetrator Cinema—Confronting Genocide in Cambodian Documentary" Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal: Vol. 15: Iss. 2: 52–54

(2021) Sabah Carrim  "Laws, Sausages, and Creating Tribunals" Journal of Perpetrator Research 4(1) 

(2020) Sabah Carrim “Reconsidering the Classification of Perpetrators in instances of Genocide and Mass Atrocity: A focus on the Khmer Rouge Era.” Review of Human Rights 6(1): 1-23

(2018) Sabah Carrim “The Legacy of Hannah Arendt’s Banality of Evil” Review of Human Rights 3(1) Winter 2017, 43-66

(2021) Sabah Carrim “Book Review: It Could Happen Here” LSE Review of Books, 3 August 2021

(2020) Sabah Carrim “Arts & Literature: The Grey Zone.” Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal Vol. 14 Iss. 3: 3–10

Reviews of Sabah's Work